RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1108

RoTate Wendy Dance Shoes ID 1108

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Rotate Wendy  id 1108
Rotate Wendy  id 1108

  • Price: £39.99
  • Was £54.95

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Wendy
  • Material Upper : Nubuck + Sparkle
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Gold
Rotate Wendy  id 1108

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Rotate Wendy Gold Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes

Melanie wrote; of all the shoes I've purchased these are my favorite, I have also the Wendy silver with 3” heel. I have been dancing for many years now and I prefer ballroom dancing but at times I want something a little different. Salsa has become very popular in the UK and I make sure I go to my favorite salsa club in central London to knock back a few tequilas and dance the night away. I find my dance shoes wear down a lot quicker when I’m ballroom dancing as opposed to Salsa. Over the years I have thrown away to many pairs of dance shoes, some because they are just crap counter fits and some because I just abused them too much. After making a few mistakes when buying online, yep me too I purchased a few bad apples in my time I can tell you. Well it happens to most people, but now I can truly say I have found my dance shoes store. I have many rotate dance shoes in my collection and they have served me well. Now what can I say about Dance Shoes UK, hmm well I think you deliver the goods on time and your cheaper than the rest so yep you have my loyalty. I almost forgot to chat about the Wendy gold shoes, they fit me well and my feet never cry out for freedom. I've noticed you now have Wendy in red too, very nice indeed.

Sally wrote; I agree with Melanie these shoes are just divine, I love them they are so beautiful on my feet and are really comfy and light. I remember many years ago when I purchased my first pair of Latin dance shoes, when I received them I was a bit surprised how light they was and thought that I maybe got ripped off. We assume that if it's light in weight then it's cheap in quality and in most cases this is correct, however not with dance shoes. Dance shoes have to be light and yet very strong this is why dance shoes are quite expensive in comparison to normal evening shoes. So after some time speaking to different people at my dance school I started to realize that this is how dance shoes are made, keep it light so you can keep dancing all night long. Any about these shoes which I purchased from this site, I received them within 2 days of purchase, I was glad to receive a shoe bag with my purchase to, unexpected yes I know it mentions it on the site. They fit snug and have lasted me longer than I expected so I'm more than happy to buy another pair of rotate dance shoes from here. Thank you for your professionalism and high quality shoes.

Shelly wrote; I can't say they're my favorite but they are really nice and the build quality is very impressive compared to other brands. I too dance salsa and ballroom and find that you can use salsa shoes for ballroom and vice versa. Many years of dancing around Manchester has made my wise in the art of finding genuine dance shoes. I have that most people I've spoken to have purchased cheap rip off counter fits which break within a month or two and yes you guessed it most of them purchased them from EBay. When buying dance shoes from eBay you can't complain when you found out that you received a counter fit rip off, just accept it and move on and learn. I hear so many dancers going on and on about how they got ripped off, what do you expect? These sellers on eBay selling salsa shoes are based in china! Yes read the small print it's at the bottom. So if you want to send them back then you will have to pay around £15.00 and hope that they will give you refund, good luck with that one.

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