RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1107

RoTate Wendy Dance Shoes ID 1107

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Rotate Wendy id 1107
Rotate Wendy id 1107

  • Price: £39.99
  • Was £54.95

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Wendy
  • Material Upper : Nubuck + Sparkle
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Silver
Rotate Wendy id 1107

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Rotate Wendy Silver Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes

Stacy wrote; these shoes are my favorite out of my collection. I think most would agree they look beautiful. I dance on Saturdays at my local dance studio in Newcastle, there aren't many in my area. To many of my students surprise they could not believe that Latin dance shoes could look so pretty. Some of them even tried to argue with me saying they are wedding or evening shoes which of course they realized after I showed them the heels that they wasn't. A few of them have now gone to your website to purchase from you. They all are pleased with the price and good customer service. I have had to take extra care of these shoes because of the nubuck. They have been good to me so far and they still look new. No problems in terms of quality and delivery arrived to me within two days of ordering.

Janet comments; If you like these shoes then take a look at the Wendy gold salsa shoes on here. I'm having troubles deciding which colour to get. I'll probably end up buying all them from here. A few people at my dance classes bring in their laptops to browse your dance shoes after classes. Most of them love the Wendy style more than anything, and I think you better stock up on these as I have a feeling that many of them are going to buy them from you soon. Rotate have always been my favorite but many years ago I used to pay a lot more for them. I didn't realise until my friends told me of this site that you could get them a lot cheper. I already own the Rachel rotate shoes and a few others which are now getting a bit old and tatty. I will continue to buy from this site as I have always been happy with delivery times and the good customer service.

Maria wrote; I think the red Wendy dance shoes are just as nice as the silver and gold. I too have been buying rotate for a while now. I purchased a few times from eBay dance shoes and got burnt big time. I won't be going back. My advice to any buying dance shoes online, make sure they are shipped from the UK, a few times I had to send back shoes to china for a refund and this took a long time for me to sort out, not only that I had to pay a ridiculous shipping fee of £20.00 and I wasn't refunded that either. I now know it's just not worth it and my friends would agree. Stick with British dance shoes as they are still the best in the world for quality. I'm still in two minds in which pair of Wendy to buy, they all look so beautiful, I think I'll toss a coin.

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