RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1087

RoTate Tina Dance Shoes ID 1087

Dance Shoes UK
Rotate Tina id 1087
Rotate Tina id 1087

  • Price: £Discontinued
  • Was £54.95

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Tina
  • Material Upper : Satin
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Black
Rotate Tina id 1087

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Rotate Tina Black Latin and Salsa Dance Shoes

Sally wrote; I purchased these shoes and to my surprise they came with a shoe bag, very nice touch indeed. I think the picture on this site doesn’t do Tina any justice as they look much better on my feet. I purchased a while back the Tina brown and gold pair which so was comfy that I decided to buy the black as well. I have to say I haven't seen many people wearing this style around the salsa clubs, which is always nice as it makes me feel original or unique. So now onto the service, I can say I was expecting it to deliver later than it arrived so I can't complain there, but one thing I would say is that you need more phones as I tried to ring and couldn't get through, however you answered to my email within 5 minutes so I can't complain really. All in all I would say Dance shoes UK is trust worthy company and I can now see why so many in the dance community recommended you.

Evra wrote; So many salsa shoes on the market at the moment and most are really of poor quality and high prices. I can honestly say that the build quality of the Tina dance shoes by Rotate is fabulous, I have had these for over 3 years and they are holding strong. Most other brands I have tried only last a few months to a year if you’re lucky. Well now I'm back to sing my praises as you definitely deserve it. Yep gone are the days of me falling for the eBay and Amazon scammers selling total crap quality dance shoes, I mean there not even salsa shoes they're standard shoes, anyway many people on here have made the same mistake so I don't feel so stupid any more. The customer service is up to good standard, my emails always get answered within 5 mins so pleased there and your prices are fair. About the phones as Sally mentioned, I have called many times and spoke to a lovely lady called Emma, she was very polite and helpful. Oh and the delivery time was only two days which is much better than 14 days that other dance stores offer.

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