RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1078

RoTate Teresa Dance Shoes ID 1078

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Rotate Teresa id 1078
Rotate Teresa id 1078

  • Price: £39.99
  • Was £54.95

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Teresa
  • Material Upper : Satin
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Flesh
Rotate Teresa id 1078

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Susana wrote; I said to myself before that I would never write reviews about anything because I just can't be bothered, but I feel that the Teresa flesh dancing shoes deserve a few good words. Well what can I say really, first a little about me I dance every week without fail as I think dancing is too much fun to be sitting at home watching TV. Many of my friends in Newcastle are party animals and often head off to night clubs, me I prefer salsa clubs or Latin bars where I can not only have fun dancing but in most cases I often love the attention of the tall dark and handsome Latin men, and there's lots of them girls, this is where they are at, and I can tell you they are real gentlemen, compared to the riffraff you find in night clubs.

Anyway I put every dance shoes I buy through rigorous test and not many last that long. These shoes however have impressed me so much that I feel compelled to write a review about them. The look is generally what i go for, not too flash or sparkly and although the Teresa shoes have lasted the longest and are the most comfortable shoes I have they aren't my favorite in the looks department but are still my number pair. I won't bother telling you all about how good the customer service is of dance shoes uk or their prices, how cheap they are as most people already know this and I don't want them to get a big head.

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