RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1073

RoTate Belle Dance Shoes ID 1073

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Rotate Belle id 1073
Rotate Belle id 1073

  • Price: £45.00
  • Was £0.00

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  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Belle
  • Material Upper : Sparkle
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Black
Rotate Belle id 1073

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Rotate Belle Black Latin Dance Shoes

Claudia wrote; the belle rotate dance shoe is one I have been waiting for. I purchased these shoes because I can use them for ballroom and Latin dancing. I'm very pleased with these shoes, the comfort is fantastic. By far the most comfortable dance shoes I have worn in my life. I also like the belle silver rotate version which I plan to purchase later this week. I would however like to see more sparkle dance shoes I don't think there are enough of these on the market. Well done dance shoes UK for enabling us to view by style as this makes things much easier. My friends have been browsing your site and have all agreed that you have the widest range to choose from and your prices are cheaper than the rest.

Jesse wrote; when I saw that you guys finally got the belle black dance shoes in stock I quickly purchased a pair. I bought them last week and received them next day which was a surprise as I was expecting them to arrive in a week. The quality of the shoes is brilliant, very good build indeed. I agree with Claudia the shoes are really comfortable and affordable. I think the blue belle rotate shoes look better than the silver or red belle but that is just my opinion. I was thinking the same thing Claudia why aren't the many sparkle dance shoes in the uk? In the US I have seen so many but UK brands don't bother to make varied versions. I would like to receive an email when you do get some more sparkle in.

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