RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1019

RoTate Naomi Dance Shoes ID 1019

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Rotate Naomi id 1019
Rotate Naomi id 1019

  • Price: £39.99
  • Was £49.99

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Naomi
  • Material Upper : Sparkle
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Black
Rotate Naomi id 1019

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Sue writes I really like these shoes wow rotate have some beauties, the Naomi rage are my favourite, I would like to see more in different colours, although I know black dance shoes are much popular, most of the girls who I dance with have black or silver.

Jane writes rotate are wonderful, I have many of their shoes, which I purchased from dance shoes uk, and I'm really happy with them, I'm glad by the way that you accept PayPal payments otherwise I wouldn't have purchased from this site, I only purchase online using PayPal. I hope you don't change that, I've recommended you to all my dance buddies. They have been paying too much for rotate dance shoes, you guys are 10.00 cheaper than other places so I commend you on your pricing, they will be buying from you in the future and so will I. Many thanks dance shoes UK.

Liz writes hi Jane it's me, I see what you mean about this site, really nice range of shoes and their prices are much cheaper. I feel a little bit gutted that I was paying so much for my dance shoes. anyway I'm thinking of buying these shoes, they are adorable, what do you think? Should I get these shoes, let me know soon as possible. Well I'm going to call you in a minute.

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