RoTate Dance Shoes UK 1009

RoTate Chris Dance Shoes ID 1009

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Rotate Chris id 1009
Rotate Chris id 1009

  • Price: £39.99
  • Was £49.99

  • UK Size

  • Heel Size

  • Heel Type
  • Brand : RoTate
  • Shoe Style : Chris
  • Material Upper : Satin
  • Material Soles : Suede
  • Colour : Flesh
Rotate Chris id 1009

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Daniela wrote these are interesting, quite a unique shoes I must say, and the name to, Chris is a man's name so why call it that, why not Christy? Anyway they are really nice, not sure if I would wear them myself, not really my taste. London dance has become very popular now days ever since strictly come dancing showed on TV, I think it's great that more people start dancing, it really helps get rid of all the stress you pick up at work, I'm in to Latin dancing as I love the pace and the moves.

no name wrote I purchased these shoes a while back and I'm pleased with them, the delivery was fast and the comfort is of high standard, I'm glad these shoes are not of everyone's taste, so I actually have a pair that no one in my class have. So many dancers buy rotate dance shoes and I can see why, I don't bother searching anymore for other brands as I got fed up with being disappointed, I haven't bought the IDS brand which a lot of people on this site recommends, but then that because of the price is a bit out of my prices range, for me cheap, good quality shoes are best and rotate gives me that.

Liliana wrote I'm just wondering if these shoes will get dirty easily, I have a bad habit of damaging my shoes so early into wearing them, I'm a bit clumsy and need a pair which are strong and resistant to the odd scuff. I haven't purchased from dance shoes UK before, but I have heard that you only stock the best brands, also I heard from a friend that you allow testing of shoes, before you start to sell a new brand, I would like to be on the list please, I'm always happy to test dance shoes for free, please announce on your homepage when you need testers.

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